Mergers & Acquisition Advisory Services

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory Services

We have specialties in buying and selling business, and we are licensed business sale intermediaries. We provide our clients with means for an exit strategy or entrance strategy to a large array of business industries and access to Private Equity Funds.

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory Services Steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Pre-Transaction Tax Optimization
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Implementation
  6. Screening and Due Diligence
  7. Tax Transaction Structuring
  8. Closing
  9. Post-Transaction Tax Planning and Merger Integration

Mergers & Acquisition Tax Services

Tax Structuring
The firm specializes in mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, divestitures, debt-financed distributions, partnership interest sales (e.g. 754 Elections) and tax-free reorganizations (e.g. “F” Reorganizations). Supporting transaction structuring, pre-transaction tax optimization, pre-transaction due diligence, post-transaction tax planning and merger integration. Additionally, we help with financing structuring and creative ways to cure some of the most complex issues that come with transactions.

Business Due Diligence & Services:

  • Financial Due Diligence (Buy-Side and Sell-Side)
  • Tax Diligence
  • Pre-Sale Planning
  • Deal Structuring Consulting
  • Purchase PrIce Allocations
  • Business Valuation & Appraisals
  • Financial Modeling and Consulting
  • Projections and Forecasts
  • Quality of Earnings Reports